Inspiration Through Art

One of my best friends has recently started his own journey to escape the daily grind and live life on his own terms.  He’s one of the people most responsible for inspiring me and giving me the courage to take on this new path in my life.

David Beck is an entrepreneur/artist from Austin, Texas.  His story helped me come to grips with my own situation, and opened my eyes to the possibilities the world held for me.  Without David, I probably would have ended up working a job I hated to pay for a mortgage I didn’t want for the next 50 years.

David runs an excellent blog about photography principles and practices.  If you’re a beginner and you want to learn more than you’d ever expected about photography, composition, gear, and the science behind it all, you have to check out his site, PictureLikeThis.  Make a special point to read the story of how he decided to break to mold and maximize his own potential by living his dreams.

Also, David’s Flickr stream has a ton of amazing shots in it, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having a little bit more traffic.

He’s an amazing, inspiring guy, and a great friend.  If you’re ever in Austin, Texas, try to hunt hunt down, you won’t regret getting the chance to meet him.



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