Millennials: Our Path to Maximum Fulfillment – Loyalty

This will be the first in a series of posts about the differences between our generation and that of our parents.  After exploring all of these issues, I’ll wrap it all up with a piece developing a set of conclusions about the nature of the expectations my generation, and by obvious extension, I, have for the future.

Before I really get going, though, I want to point out that it’s my opinion that the differences in generations aren’t differences in emotions, needs, wants, or views of the world.  Rather, generations express ideas very differently because the events that define generations hit in different stages of life for different groups of people.

Loyalty – because it’s a long post, I substituted this picture for another 1000 words

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Millennials: Our Path to Maximum Fulfillment – Introduction

Take a look around the internet, if you will, and see what a few writers have to say about my generation.  It appears that we millennials are a fairly awful group.  We’ve been called lazy, sedentary, narcissistic, entitled, and probably had a few more… um… choice terms lobbed at us in less public venues.

Millennials: What to make of the biggest generation in American history?

Thankfully, some of us have gotten to a point in life where we can talk back.  The pre-eminent example of this is Lena Dunham’s show Girls, but more and more of us are standing up to tell the world exactly how we see it.  Like Patrick Dowd at the Huffington Post, we’re all ever more eager to offer another little bit of our own take on ourselves, and I’m no exception. Continue reading

Inspiration Through Art

One of my best friends has recently started his own journey to escape the daily grind and live life on his own terms.  He’s one of the people most responsible for inspiring me and giving me the courage to take on this new path in my life.

David Beck is an entrepreneur/artist from Austin, Texas.  His story helped me come to grips with my own situation, and opened my eyes to the possibilities the world held for me.  Without David, I probably would have ended up working a job I hated to pay for a mortgage I didn’t want for the next 50 years. Continue reading

Road Trip!

Toronto from the lake

One of the things that I’ve realized in the past few days is that the long-term plans I had intended to carry out around my schooling are going to have to be re-organized to take into account the fact that I am no longer going to be on a school semester-based schedule.

This means less work for some goals, but more for others.  In some cases, though, it requires a special sort of spontaneity that I think is crucial to living a life that is truly fulfilling. Continue reading

Close Your Eyes And Leap

Today is a great day.

Why is today so great?

Because today is the first day of the rest of my life.  And that is no small thing to realize.  I’ve been standing on a metaphorical cliff for year now, wondering if I can fly.  Now is the time to find out.  Over the weekend, I took a step back, closed my eyes, and took a running jump off the edge.  I hope you’ll follow me as I learn to fly by making the very best out of a life that didn’t seem to have very much in it to inspire thus far. Continue reading