Millennials: Our Path to Maximum Fulfillment – Introduction

Take a look around the internet, if you will, and see what a few writers have to say about my generation.  It appears that we millennials are a fairly awful group.  We’ve been called lazy, sedentary, narcissistic, entitled, and probably had a few more… um… choice terms lobbed at us in less public venues.

Millennials: What to make of the biggest generation in American history?

Thankfully, some of us have gotten to a point in life where we can talk back.  The pre-eminent example of this is Lena Dunham’s show Girls, but more and more of us are standing up to tell the world exactly how we see it.  Like Patrick Dowd at the Huffington Post, we’re all ever more eager to offer another little bit of our own take on ourselves, and I’m no exception. Continue reading